I Am Your Uber Driver: Feedback From the Cockpit

Welcome to my awesome VW Passat! Come on in. Make yourself comfortable. If you need anything, please let me know. I strive for you to have the best Uber experience ever. In fact, I have to brag for just a second, I have a 5 star rating and I’m incredibly proud of that.

I love my Uber job. I love that I get to talk to people. To hear their story. Because you just don’t know who will be getting in your car and where they are from, what they do or what they have experienced. 

Like the pair of business travelers I picked up from the airport a couple weeks ago. They were Doctors from Philidelphia, here in Jacksonville for a conference. Turns out, they know my cousins’ creperie, Beaumonde, in South Philly and have eaten there many times. It’s one of their fave places to go. Sweet! We really do live on a small planet. 

Or Andreya, an amazing lady who just published her book and is now available on Amazon. I had the privilege of picking her up twice from her job. The second time she was so happy to see me, it was like meeting an old friend. She reported that she had found a church she’s just in love with, as well as getting some positive feedback from her superiors at work regarding her performance to date. It was awesome to catch up with her and hear such joyful and positive news ❤

Then there’s Alejandro. An elderly Cuban immigrant, a retired mailman, who snowbirds here six months out of the year and lives in Queens, NY the other half. A sweet gentleman, whose never driven and is in the end stages of emphysema and being treated at the Mayo Clinic out at the beaches. He enjoys his family, all things history, traveling and music. But it’s hard for him to get out and socialize these days and he’s lonely. I just wanted to hug him and tell him all would be fine. I pray for him.

And then there are the guests who are…challenging. Like the Ukrainian woman with two small children who screamed at them in her native language and then screamed at me multiple times because I wasn’t driving fast enough (she was panicked that they would miss their flight) to her liking. I assured her, calmly, that I wasn’t going to break the law or risk my job, however, I would get her to the airport on time for her flight. Once we arrived and I started unloading her luggage, she came around the back of the car and apologized (I still gave her a 2 star rating) to me. 

Then there’s the time I picked up these two young ladies who wanted to go to the beach. It was late in the afternoon on a Sunday and they stunk to high heaven of some potent Mary Jane…

…that’s pot, marijuana, grass, chiba or whatever else you want to call it.

These young ladies were a complete, reeking, train wreck, eating pork rinds in my car and making a mess. At one point, I was asked to detour to Dairy Queen, for more munchies, but they had no idea which direction it was, so that ate up extra time. Once we found the DQ, one of the two apologized for her purse being “loud” (millennial slang for pot odor I’m guessing) and proceeded to spray my car down with some nasty Febreze….without even asking me first. I was about ready to go postal by this point. On top of that, the next fare I had stacked, cancelled, so I lost out on that money. I just wanted these rude girls out of my car. After all that nonsense, diverting to take them to DQ, and losing a fare, they didn’t even tip me.


I work hard to earn my money. I keep my car impeccably clean and smelling good. My cup holders are filled with sweet mints. I have chargers available, as well as hand sanitizer and tissues if you need them. I ask your preferences for climate and music. All to make your ride more enjoyable.   This is not the norm for Uber drivers. Many don’t give a flip what their cars look or even smell like. Trust me, I’ve been in them.  I use Uber too.

And some drivers, they are downright rude. Not cool. 

So let me share some tips from the cockpit, a drivers perspective. 

Uber drivers are:

Private, for hire, self-employed drivers. We are sub contractors for Uber. They 1099 us. That means I have to estimate my taxes so I’m not in trouble at the end of the year when I file.  Surprisingly, a lot of my guests don’t realize I’m not directly employed by Uber. 

It takes $$$

It actually costs money to work for Uber. We use more gas, put above average mileage on our cars, and do maintenance more frequently. Because of this, tips are greatly appreciated. After all, we are providing a service, just like a public taxi does. And when you take a taxi, you usually tip (I would hope) your driver.

Be My Guest

We actually want you to get in our car, feel comfortable and relaxed, but we also want you to treat said car with the same respect you would treat your own. So please, if you are going to bring food or drink in to our vehicles, clean up after yourself. Report spills immediately. I promise, I won’t get mad. In fact, I will be grateful that you told me, so I can clean up before my next guest climbs on board. 
Finding You & Wait Times

If your address is obscure, or you’re at a large plaza, mall or a restaurant, please send us a text describing your actual location and/or the business name. It helps us find you quicker instead of us driving around like stupid little bugs all over your smartphone screen. 

When your driver arrives to pick you up, please be ready. Don’t have us waiting for you. You are notified how long it will take for your car to arrive and again when we have arrived. Making us wait is just plain rude. It takes time away from us to service another fare, especially if we have a fare stacked and waiting. I’m pretty generous and will give a 5 minute wait window. 

If you have asked us to wait, remember, it takes away from other fares. This is an excellent example of an appropriate tipping situation.

This is My Job

We aren’t your friends showing up to give you a ride to the mall for five bucks in gas money. We are Owner Operators, trying to make a living and pay our bills, or put our kids through college, maybe pay off debt or medical bills, even save for a dream vacation. 

Rating System and Feedback

Please, use the rating system. Leave feedback. Share your experience.  It’s all good. I work hard to provide exceptional service and I’m super proud of my 5 star rating and customer testimonials!

At the end of the day, we are human beings providing a service. We are trying to make a living while YOU are out living.

Btw, we commend you for being smart and using Uber to go out on the town and drink your face off! You are not only smart to not get behind the wheel, but you’re being safe too. Plus, if you’re lucky, you get to have an enjoyable ride experience in a sweet looking Passat!

I hope that if you ever come to Jacksonville, Florida I will have the honor of being your Uber driver…..

….just make sure you got cash on hand to tip your drivers.  I promise you, they will be so grateful you did. Thanks!

Until then…

Love, Jeni ❤


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