Rock Climbing: Facing My Fear of Heights (or midget trying to scale a wall 😬)

(27 January 2017 – The Edge Rock Gym – Jax FL)

So, when one of your besties says, “Hey, let’s go rock climbing Friday night, I hear it’s an awesome full body workout!”, two very distinct and different voices scream out it my cave woman brain….

The first voice, also known as the Personal Trainer voice, immediately responds with the following:

“FUCK YEAH! Workout? Fitness? Pulling my body weight up a wall? I am IN THERE like swimwear!!!”

Then the second voice, also known as the Wimpy Pants voice, in a teeny mouse like way says:

“Umm, excuse me, there is NO WAY I’m climbing anything!? Did you forget we are scared of heights? Need I remind you of Rebel Race 2013? That giant wall? The one that, once you got to the top and it was wobbling all over the place with 30 lunatic monkeys scaling up and over it like it was an anthill, but you completely froze at the top and your friend had to literally climb back up to talk you down!? Yeah. That one! No way are we willingly going rock climbing!”

Clearly, the Personal Trainer voice won and while I’m certainly not cured of my fear of heights, I think I’ve made a good start at facing the obstacles that can often prevent me from experiencing and enjoying fun things in life, like indoor rock climbing with my friend.

I’m grateful that Melissa is a part of my life.  Her love of physical challenges and adrenaline rushes help to push me to face my fears and challenge myself…that’s a good thing.

On this first night of rock climbing, she kept attacking this one climb and eventually made it to the top.  I was really proud of her (and a teeny bit jelly because I was too scared to get all the way to the top), but I did manage to make it 3/4 of the way on a straight climb, and for that I’m really proud of myself.  This experience was a major accomplishment for me considering that when I walked in the door to the gym I was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it two feet up that intimidating wall!

(L. She made it!  R. I almost made it!)

The next day I was so completely sore (gravity and body weight will always win) from pulling myself up those walls for two hours, my hands were blistered up and I had a huge smile on my face.  A truly great experience!

We will return another day to climb again and I will have another chance to face my fears, punch them in the face and keep trying to reach the top, because I won’t quit until I do.

I hope you all have a friend in your life like Melissa, who inspires you the way she inspires me ❤

Until next time…

Love, Jeni



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