How Do You Know You’re Alive?


How do you know you’re alive?

Do you know you’re alive because you woke up this morning?  Or because you’re breathing?  Because you feel pain?  Or joy?

This was the very question that was asked at church last week during Father’s homily.

I was immediately curious.

There were quite a few responses from the congregation that seemed to make sense, like this one, “because I’m here” (like the other 400 of us at 10am mass) that was chirped from somewhere in the back pews.

How about this answer…

You know you’re alive because you perceive and experience change happening all around you.

I can’t take credit for this answer, that was all Father.

But it makes such perfect sense!  We are always experiencing change, whether we want to or not.

It’s constant.  It’s necessary.  It’s inevitable.

And you cannot make it stop.

Some people are okay with change and some just can’t stand it.  Both are understandable and acceptable.

I would say, for the most part, I’ve always been okay with change.  Sometimes excited by it.  Other times mortified by it (think president elect Trump) and on the very, very, very rare occasions, completely not willing to accept it, until I don’t have a choice but to accept it, and then I realize I’m going to be okay.

How do I know I’m going to be okay?

Because I have Jesus in my life.  Because I believe in my faith and my God.  Because I know that the work I do here, while I’m alive, prepares the way for my entrance to His Kingdom.

And knowing that Jesus will be waiting for me brings me great joy and happiness.  It encourages me to work harder while I’m here on earth.

To show people kindness and compassion every chance I get.  To share my bounty, even if it’s small.  To serve others.  To make sure I’m right with God every day through prayer and devotion.  To forgive and love others.  To see the beauty in all that surrounds me and be humbled by His greatness and graciousness.

To appreciate being alive, for however long that may be and to remember this passage…

“Serve one another in love.”  Galations 5:13

Until next time…

Love, Jeni ❤






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