Evacuated: Hurricane Matthew


Growing up in New York, I’ve only watched on television what kind of damage a massive hurricane can bring, especially to coastal communities.  I’ve watched news clips of people packing the things that mean the most to them and leaving their homes behind to seek higher ground and safety; only to return to devastation and property loss and a long period of rebuilding their lives and the communities they call home.

Now, I’m one of those people, living in Jacksonville FL,  with less then 20 miles between me and the ocean.  This beautiful city that I have made my home in.  The beautiful beaches that I have sat, napped, sunbathed, walked, jogged and even played with Tippy on.  The beautiful blue ocean that I have swam in and paddle boarded on.

This city and these beaches that have brought me peace and healing these past several months will soon be facing a punishing blow by Matthew, now a Cat 4 hurricane with no feelings, care or concern.  A hurricane that has already taken the lives of 108 souls on its path of destruction through Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas.  A hurricane that could possibley make a u-turn and hit Florida with a right hook.

In preparation for Matthew I unplugged all of my small appliances.  Moved my tv against an interior wall.  Cleaned out the refrigerator of any food that could spoil in a power outage.  Threw some clothes, books, shoes and my laptop in a bag and said goodbye to my new home and closed the door.  Praying that when I return, my home and the few possessions in it are in one piece.


Me and Tippy are safely with our framily in Lake Mary.  We will certainly be impacted by Matthew.  We might lose power.  Some trees may fall down….

…but we have each other and we will weather the storm together.

Please pray for us in Florida.

And when the storm passes and the sun shines again, remember, that many people could be facing significant damage, no home to return to, a long period of time with no work or power, or even loss of life.  Remember them as they rebuild their lives.  Donate your time to clean-up efforts, food banks and animal shelters.  Provide a bagged lunch or hot meal.  People will be in need.  People will be thankful for any and all help.

To my friends who couldn’t leave Jacksonville, I pray for your safety.

God bless.

Until next time…

Love, Jeni ❤



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