I don’t know if I will rise, but my soul is empty and it’s solitude I seek. Thank you for sharing this.

The Bottom of a Bottle


We all find ourselves so cold
Empty souls lost within our minds
Tears fall we know not why
Feelings broken when memories come through

We hide
In shadows we seek
To stay alone
Hidden in our brokenness
Longing to be found

Here I’ve been so often
Tonight it’s where I find myself
Clinging to diminished hope
Crying by myself
Can I be lifted tonight?

Yet when it all goes dark
And I close my eyes
I hear His voice call in this night
Comfort calling from beyond my shadows

Tonight I’ll rise again
For I hear His voice
My soul illuminated
My hope restored

Why do we feel we have to do this alone?
When every time He heals our soul
Will I search for Him before the shadows?
Or are we ever destined to this endless cycle?

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