Stitched Together: A Man With a Needle!


For the last several years, at the beginning of each New Year, I have come up with a fitness goal of some sort to complete within the 365 days of the calendar.

This years goal is to participate in fifteen races (for the year being 2015…duh!!!) of any kind, be it a 5K, 10K, half marathon, a mud run or even a duathlon or two.

Currently, I have seven more races to go in order to complete this task and anyone that knows me, knows that I will practically kill myself to “git ‘er done”.

But what does all this have to do with a set of headphones and an iHome armband?

And stitches?

Or even a man with a needle?!?

What kind of redonkulous riddle is this!?!

Okay, so I’m totally a creature of habit (and also incredibly attached to certain things, like my armband, that have been a part of huuuuggggeee life events for me) and race/workout rituals not withstanding.  That being, when I get prepared for a run around the neighborhood or a race I always do the same thing.  Kind of like what Valentino Rossi does just prior to throwing a leg over his trusty motorcycle and twisting his wrist to the tune of 200+ MPH (those who know Vale or anything about MotoGP, know exactly what I mean) #justsayin

It goes a little something like this:  I put my left sneaker on first, then my right.  I put my earbuds in (left first, of course) then put my hat on.  Lastly, I slide my trusty iPhone 5s in to my armband and then slip my faithful iHome armband up my, you guessed it, left arm and snuggly pull the velcro strap around my beautiful bicep.  Yes, it’s beautiful if I do say so myself 😀

But there’s trouble…

The left “arm” that makes the strap, it’s starting to separate from rest of the band.  This simply just cannot happen!  I’m four races in to my goal of fifteen!  This armband just HAS TO go the distance!  It NEEDS to go the distance!  It’s been with me my entire running career (which is only a few years old) and without it, my runs will not be the same!  My ritual will change!

And you know what happens when things change…shit can get really messed up!!!

I’m practically freaking out!  Losing my mind!  Hyperventilating!!!

And then my sweet, beautiful, calm, focused Lori says, “Keith can fix that.  He’s got a sewing kit.  Keith can sew anything”.

I”m looking at her, blinking, incredulously.

Not because she’s just told me that the love of her life has a sewing kit, or that he knows how to thread a needle and be all “seamstress” like and whatnot.  Rather, that to me, my whole world is falling apart and here is this angel, so calm, cool and confident in her man’s ability to repair my armband.  His ability to repair anything for that matter!

Just like that, thirty minutes later, Keith hands me my iHome armband.  I gaze down at it.  The stitches aren’t beautiful by any means, but they’re sturdy as fuck.  Solid!  They mean business!  They’re strong and they’re NOT going to give out anytime soon.

I’m speechless.  Grateful.  Appreciative.  Joyful.


But there’s something else, something more important then my trusty armband being put back as close to brand new as possible.

It’s this…

Each time I go out for a leisurely run, or a race, each time I go through my quirky ritual, there is something different now.  I look at my armband and I’m instantly filled with love and strength.  Even a little determination.  Because I see the craftsmanship in each stitch, precisely sewn by a man who is filled with love for his Lori, his family, his friends (me included) and his passion for the art, the pure sport, of running.

Each time I slide my armband up my left arm, I’m reminded that we are all held together by those that love us, 100 percent, inside and out, flaws and all.

I’m reminded that I’m held together by the amazing love of God and my fRamily and that’s all I need to get through each day, each run, each race.

That, and my trusty iHome armband 😉

Thank you Keith.  I love you and I’m so thankful for your friendship (and sewing skills, yo) ❤

Until next time…

Love, Jeni

P.S.:  I’m eight races in with seven left to go to complete my goal and eight weekends left on the calendar to get it done…I might not have time on my side, but I’m determined to at least go down swinging like a fool with a repaired armband!


6 thoughts on “Stitched Together: A Man With a Needle!

  1. This was beautiful! I love you too! And always willing to help you out any way I can! Thank you so much for writing this! I am so happy to know that you feel so much in your heart! Keep smiling mama!

    Liked by 1 person

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