Love Was Hiding


(Photo Credit: Jeni Love/Vase: The Beautiful Lori Miller)

It was hiding

During my darkest and bleakest season of pain

When my soul felt lost forever

My heart broken in pieces

Doubts creeping in to my belief system

That love truly is a splendid thing

And yet

There it was

In the spice cabinet

Lost among the pungent powders and extracts

Cloaked behind the vials of essential oils and holistic supplements

Until it was found and brought forth

To be shared with the whole the house

“Love was hiding” she said

So that it could be found, I thought to myself

Hiding, until she was ready to be found again

Love isn’t hiding anymore ❤


8 thoughts on “Love Was Hiding

  1. I wonder ……….. does love ever hide, or are we just too blind to see it sometimes? Perhaps we look for love based on our preconceived idea of what love looks like ……. but what if it looks different? 🙂

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    1. Colin, surely there is some persuasion from social media and our own social circles as to what love should be…and how interesting would it be if we allowed ourselves to believe and trust in “different” 😉

      I have missed my community and the cerebral-ness of thought provoking words and ideas.

      Thank you for comment and thank you for your very welcomed and smart thoughts 😀 ❤

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      1. Hi Jeni: There is as much social persuasion as you allow. Peer pressure/peer approval is as important as you allow. The two extremes would seem to be
        1. Total independence from any sort of peer approval needs, which would pretty much isolate you from society and, as we are genetically wired to be social creatures, you would not be happy.
        2. Succumb totally to peer/societies expectations which would take away your independence. Somewhere between those two extremes is your “sweet spot”. The tough part is finding it!

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  2. Welcome back into the sunlight Jeni. Love has been here all along. Glad you can see it. Changes in latitude and perspective can be such a healthy and empowering thing. So delighted to see you flourish and thrive again. Thanks also for giving me the spark to get my mojo back and my booty into gear again. Reclaiming my space and my spunk. Thank you. Aillion zillion heartfelt thank toys seem so insufficient. Momma angels are guiding us though. Of this I am sure. Nearby and yet watchfully proud and excited.

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