Time is not my friend….



It’s been ten days since I moved from New York to Florida.  It’s been five days since I’ve been in Florida.  Getting unpacked.  Getting settled.  Getting familiar with paradise.


It’s.  Driving.  Me.  CRRRRAAAZZZZYYYY!!!!

That I have not been able to spend ANY time loving and nurturing my blog (which, btw, I never thought I would become so attached to so quickly) and outputting all the mumbo jumbo that’s packed in to my brain.

There just isn’t enough time in the day right now and that makes me a sad Jeni 😦

I guess I will just have to give something up, like sleep, for a little while anyway…

I mean, sleep deprivation, it’s no biggie, right?

Until next time…

Love, Jeni


2 thoughts on “Time is not my friend….

  1. Jeni, this is lori’s cousin, cathy, a fellow sleep deprived person. Hang in there. Between saturday morning and 0430 this morning i walked 75 miles. Woohoo. Ready to take on the world (after a short? nap).

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