What’s my story?

So, what’s my story…..???

That’s a great fucking question! And if you had asked me that question 1 year, 8 months and and 18 days ago, I would have been able to tell you everything was coming up roses for me.

Instead, 626 days ago, I either made the worst decision of my life (at least that’s how it feels, right now, in this moment) or the best ever decision (which is hard to swallow considering my current state of disbelief). What did I do? What did I dooooo????

I saw the name on the caller ID and my brain said, “Oh, hell-to-the-fucking NO!”, but my heart, that pesky organ, said, “Yessssss!!!”.  And I answered the phone.  I answered the bloody phone!  He is my kryptonite.  Always has been.  Can’t explain it.  No, really.  I can’t explain it right now, because it just makes me cry.  Then my eyes get all puffy and they hurt.  And I’m already hurting enough.  Ugh.  Vicious cycles and all.

Hey, sooooo…..can someone, anyone, please beat me with a phone the next time they see me!  Please!?!  It will be epic.  I promise!

One of these antiques should get the job done beautifully!

rotary phone

Maybe a good thrashing about the coconut with this beautiful speciman is just what I need to be able to answer this relatively simple question.  What.  Is.  My.  Story?

Right now, my story is this…it’s unfolding.

My story, it’s just beginning.  I’m editing out the nonsense and polishing up the good stuff and fun ideas before it goes to the Editor for review.

I hope I don’t end up with writers block.  Because that would just totally blow.

Until the next chapter…

Love, Jeni


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