Who is Love, Jeni?


Photo on 1-23-15 at 7.31 PM

A pint size person living in a big world!  Full of faith and hope, and most importantly, love!

So, why did I decide to dip my toe in the blogging pool?  That’s an excellent question indeed!  A part of me has always wanted to write.  My Mom dabbled in writing and I feel like she gave me a part of that gift.  Plus, I have some meaningful shit inside me to share with the world.  If I can make a difference in one persons life, then I have answered God’s calling.

I’m also going through a very painful time in my life right now, transitioning out of a relationship with a dirty, lying prick (did I say that out loud???) that I thought was my forever love.  Yeah, that clearly didn’t end the way I planned.  So, perhaps this journey in to the realm of blogging will help to ease my pain, help heal me, through sharing my thoughts and feelings and the insight from those of you who read what I write and guide me through your comments and feedback.  It’s like free therapy!  BOOM!

I’m pretty sure I’ll be all over the place in the beginning, but please, bear with me. Join me on this ride.  Share my journey of wanting to inspire and motivate others. Life, after all, is a constant work in progress!

Until I blog again, go be awesome!

Love, Jeni


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